Me and Rudy

Me and Rudy

Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Eagles?

Recently while playing outside, Caleb and I discovered a bird nest with 3 little eggs inside.  We talked about how important it was for us not to touch the eggs to make sure the mama bird would continue to care for them.  Caleb and I checked the nest everyday, with anticipation.  One afternoon about a week later Caleb comes running inside, and very excited because the eggs hatched.  I quickly followed him back outside to inspect the nest. (mainly to make sure Caleb left them in the nest)  To my surprise we found this:
  Two of the 3 eggs had hatched.  Since the eggs have hatched Caleb feels the need to check on the baby birds everyday.  Well I'm assuming he got a little to close to the one egg  because Caleb once again came running in but this time with big tears.  I questioned him about this and he informed me that the mama "eagle"  had screamed at him.  I could not help but smile and ask Caleb if he touched the babies.  He assured me he didn't touch the babies, just the one egg that had not hatched.  We have enjoyed watching the baby "eagles" everyday.  I'm sure Caleb will be sad when they fly away.

Hot Spring Days

I just could not keep our little guy inside today.  He looked really hot.


Madison is such a sweet child!  She always smiles and giggles, no matter the situation.  She brings us a lot of joy and laughter! 
We love you Madison!  (Ya Ya as Caleb calls you)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cheap Pedi!!!!!

After a conversation with a friend this week about feet I quickly realized how badly I needed a good pedicure.  I like to go to the little shops and be pampered without interruptions or questions.  Well during this stage in our lives our budget does not contain a line item for pedicures.  I recently heard of a cheap way to give yourself one.  (it's worth a try I thought)  My dilemma was how to find 30 minutes without interruption and without getting up before 5:30 am.   Thankfully my baby girl takes great naps and my little boy began to be very involved with a train set.

I thought to myself this is my chance to try this.  So I mixed about 1 cup of white vinegar and really warm water and soaked for my feet about 5-6 minutes.  It didn't seem to take long to soften up the rough spots.  I used a pumice stone and then trimmed away all the cuticles and dry skin around the toenails.  I would post a before and after picture but I'm just not in to that sort of thing.
I just used my favorite lotion when I was done.  You will just have to trust me that it worked amazingly well.  I will definitely do this again!!!!