Me and Rudy

Me and Rudy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Makayla, Madison, Caleb and Sophia

Old Things with a Twist

Sophia has a new favorite toy! With this toy, she loves to Jump.  You can hear any one of us walk by her saying "jump, jump"  sometime during the day.  She will just grin at you and jump as hard as she can.  We love to watch her.  Rudy loves the fact that her long pieces of hair will flop up and down.
Well to the twist part of the story,  this is what happens when she jumps to much.  You know the old tune, "Rock a bye baby", we sing it just a little different in the Manriquez home.
We sing it changing only one word.  It goes like this, "Jump a bye baby", and this is the result we get:
She love to play these days, and she plays hard.  We are trying to catch a picture of her clapping her feet.  It is too cute!